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Care & Cleaning

Diamonds are's not just a tagline.  Diamonds are the hardest known substance on Earth and the youngest is approximately 1 billion years old.  Yes, I do mean BILLION years. Even though your diamonds formed approximately 115 miles deep in the Earth, under extreme pressure and temperature, went through a violent volcanic erruption, were cut and polished, they can still become damaged.  With day-to-day activities, your diamonds will get dirty as you use soaps and lotions.  Even your skin's natural oils and dead skin cells will cause a build up on your jewelry.  With proper care, your diamonds will last a lifetime and can be passed on to future generations without losing any beauty and sparkle.  


Regular cleaning of your diamond jewelry is essential to keeping its brillinace.  At Krystyna's Jewelry, we offer free lifetime cleaning and inspection of any diamond jewelry purchased from us. We suggest you bring in your diamond jewelry every six months for this service.  We will inspect all prongs, making sure your diamonds are secure, then polish the jewelry, clean it ultrasonically and with steam.  Should your jewelry require further attention such as prong repair or replacement, loose diamonds, or rhodium, we will advise you.  Our expert bench jewelers can repair any issues before further damage occours.*


For in between cleanings at home, we suggest you use a small bowl with a teaspoon of mild detergent and add warm water for a soapy bath.  Place your jewelry in the mixture for approximately 5 minutes then llightly brush the diamonds with a soft bristled toothbrush.  Always thoroughly rinse your jewelry after brushing it clean.  Pat the jewelry dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.  Allow the jewelry to dry competely before wearing.


If your jewelry has not been cleaned in a while and needs more than just mild detergent and water, you can use a solution of one part ammonia to six parts warm water.  Allow your diamond jewelry to soak in this mixture for up to 15 minutes, but not longer.  Then brush the jewelry with the soft bristled toothbrush.  Follow this with the warm mild detergent method.  Always be sure to rinse the jewlery well and to allow it to dry completely before wearing.


Although diamonds are extremely durable and have gone through a lot before making their way into your jewelry, they can still be damaged.  Do not wear your diamonds when doing heavy lifting, hard work, or cleaning.  You can accidently hit your diamonds, causing a chip.  Even everyday wear can cause damage to diamond jewelry. Prongs can bend or even break, causing a diamond to become loose or lost.  This can occour when digging in a purse, pocket, or while removing gloves.  This is especailly true in micropave and pave settings.  If you have caught your jewelry on something, hit it, notice a prong catching, or lose a diamond, bring it in for an inspection.  Better to be safe and have us take a look.  Remember that cleaning chemicals, harsh detergents, and chlorine bleach can also pit or discolor mountings.


When not wearing your diamond jewelry store it in soft pouches or in a jewelry box with dividers.  Diamonds can scratch other diamonds and will certainly scratch gold and platinum.  


Following these simple rules will ensure your diamond jewerly keeps it beauty for a lifetime and beyond.  


*Prong repair, prong replacement, tightening of diamonds, replacing of missing diamonds, rhodium, and other repair work fees are the responsibility of the customer.  Customer will be advised of any suggested work and of fees associated with such prior to our accepting jewelry for repair.